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Azagiyamanavalanin pagal patthu utthsavam 3rd of utthsavam January 4, 2014

Posted by Dr.NVS in Brahminsnet Postings.

Dear friends
My Sastanga Namaskarams to our Namperumal ,Azagiyamanavalan!
Today is the Third Day Utthsavam in Vaikunata Ekadeshi Pagalpatthu.

Lord Sri Ranganatha not only purify our hearts but also our sins will be absolved!
On this day, Namperumal, as usual, goes to Arjuna Manadapam from HIS moolasthanam
. My sincere prayer is that HIS beautiful Woiyyara nadai, kasturi thilakamum, on this blissful day at Srirangam,
People are blessed to see our Namperumal and I request the readers of this mail to view the picture of our Azagiyamanavalan will bless us with the strength and courage so that sucess will always be with us.

This beautifully describes how our Namperumal is taking rest watching the the benign people of srirangam and as he witnesses the people’s dedication and eager in celebrating the festival which brings bliss on his face

Lets pray to our Lord Sri Rangantha so that he will bless us but also protect us from the evils of the society.

pleasant smell of the soil along kaveri and everything that has any relation with Sri Ranganatha must always be with us

Vachakadosham Kshamikkavum. I apologize for any faulty interpretation or wordings.
Adeyen Dhashan,
Narasimha bhattar



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