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Azagiyamavalanin Adhyana utthsavam 7 th Day January 7, 2014

Posted by Dr.NVS in Brahminsnet Postings.

Dear members and Friends,
I am delighted to write to you all about the 7th day of Adhyana Utsavam. This day is of high importance as our Azhagiya Manavalan shows up as Vamana Avataram. Generally, on the 7th day of all the other utsavam like Bramhotsavam, Pavitrotsavam, Unjal Utsavam etc, Namperumal gives us darshanam with Sridevi and Bhoodevi Thayar. But this one is very different. HE comes out all by Himself, to enjoy HIS praise sung by the Divya Prabandam and Tirumalai. HE comes out in the form, so pleased by the recitals that most azhwars witnessed. I very clearly recall from the days I used to do kainkaryam along with my father at SriRangam, the diamond pendant that adorns our Azhagiya Manvalan’s chest today, which has Lakshmi thayar embossed in it.

When Sri Maha Vishnu came down as Vamana Avataram, HE holds Maha Lakshmi thayar in HIS chest, since HE descended as a bramhachari. But Thayar gets impatient and jumps out to see HIS form, which makes HIM laugh the act. This revelas HIS form to Shukracharyar who cautions Bali Chakravarthy. But since it was a brahmin boy who had come, Bali refrains from declining the boy’s wish. So, Bali grants HIS wish – 3 steps worth of land with the boy’s feet. This is the darshanam HE gives us in Tirukkovilur as " Mannalandu, Vinnalandu, Ulagalanda Perumal".

Looking at this, I get a feeling that since Maha Lakshmi was the one who broke Maha Vishnu’s disguise by jumping out of HIS chest, may be, HE comes out today with out Sridevi and Bhoodevi Thayar. Please note that this is just a stray thought that crossed adiyen’s mind and may have nothing to do with the fact.

Sriman Narayana showed HIS supremacy through Vamana Avataram and measured all the worlds, above and below, with HIS feet. So, those who surrender at HIS feet, would be assured that they would be protected, not just here, but in any place and in any situation – inside or outside, upwards or downwards, east or west or north or south, in water, in air, in the sky, in the fire, on the land, higher or lower, in heat or in cold, in floods or in drought, in just about anything and everything. HE is the one who is the creator of everything and is also present in everything. In our materialistic world, we could gauge a man’s wealth by the amount of diamonds he possesses. The reason is that diamond is the most precious stone known to us. Our Namperumal wears such a grand diamond studded crown, called Vaira Mudi on this day. Even the most precious thing known to us, gets glorified because HE wears it. This goes to tell nothing but there is nothing or nobody equal to Sriman Narayana."uyarvara uyarnalam udayavan evan avan – ayarvarum amargal adhipathi yevan avan". HE is our savior, any day, in any situation. HE does it as HIS responsibility. This is what HE indicated by HIS hand, the "Abhaya Hastham".

I pray to HIM that HIS voiyyara nadai, kasturi tilakam, Kaadu Kappu (Jewelery on HIS ears), Tirumarbu Padakkangal and HIS Lotus Feet, protect all of us and grant us the boon of getting deeper in devotional service and get detached with materialistic bonding.

I request all the readers to kindly pardon any faulty interpretations or any other mistakes.
Vachadhosham Kshamikkavum!
Adeyen Dhaashan,
Narasimha bhattar




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