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Azagiyamanavalanin 8th of day PagalPatthu (Thiru Adyana utthsavam)!!! January 8, 2014

Posted by Dr.NVS in Brahminsnet Postings.

Members and Friends,
We’re here today with the details of the celebrations on the 8th day of pagal patthu during the Adhyayana uthsavam at Sri Rangam!
Today’s Arayar Swamy vyakyanam is Pandai Nanmarai pasuram, periya thirumozhi. This is the result of the alochanai(thoughts) done at Indra Lokam among all the devas and devathas to do Amrutha Madanam.

Not just here, but in all the lokams, witnessing this Amruthamadanam at least once would fulfill the whole purpose of one’s life. Time and again, HE has proven that HE is the supreme and the only one who can get any close to what HE is.

HIS beauty as HE reaches Arjunar mandapam is inexplicable and my words can only give a basic indea of what the scenario would be like. But the glory of our Azhagiya Manavalan can never ever be epxlained. HE such an endless ocean that HIS kindness or beauty or greatness is unfathomable. As I always mention in my emails, HIS Woiyyara nadai is something that I have been trying to explain. But I have never got words to explain. It is not the way HE is carried on the Tholukineyan ( pallak), but it is the way HE wants to move.

Sriman Narayana appeared as Mohini during the churning of Parkadal (ocean of milk). Our Ranganathar is gong to appear as Mohini Alankaram soon.. I have a feeling that as a preparation for this appearance for Day after tomorrow, Namperumal is dressed up like Mohini. This is again my idea and may have nothing to do with the fact.

The naivedhyam that is offered to HIM, sambara dosai, is prepared with pure ghee, cumin seeds ,peper and all other spices. Having this prasadam, after being tasted by our Azhagiya Manavalan with his tender lips, feels like amrutam itself.

I pray to HIM for blessing all of us with all the best things in the world to make us proceed in our devotional life.
I request all the readers to kindly pardon any faulty interpretations or any other mistakes.

Vachadhosham Kshamikkavum!

Narasimha bhattar



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