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Pagalpatthu 9th Day utthsavam of Azagiyamanavalan January 9, 2014

Posted by Dr.NVS in Brahminsnet Postings.

Dear members and friends,
I am writing about the 9 th day of Pagal pathu utthsavam in Margazhi celebrations at Sri Rangam.

Arayar swamy’s vyakyanam today is "Muthu Kuri–Minnuruvai Pasuram

As you all know, today is the ninth day of Pagal Mathu. This ninth day is also known as Muthu Kuri, which literally means an all-pearl Alankarams for our Azhagiya Manavalan. Sri Ranganathan will be donning a Muthu Kondai(Head-dress), Muthu Charam(the swaying pendant), Muthu Kathukapu(which literally means ear-guard), Muthu Abhayahastham, and one of the most beautiful aspects of this all-pearl theme for our Azhagiya Manavalan, his pearl embedded chest guard(Muthu Kavasam)! His ThiruMarpu will be adorned by this Muthu Kavasam, which is fine pearls embedded on very fine maroon and gold silk. It is truly a sight to behold Him today!! Last but most definitely not least, is his Muthu Thiruvadi. Our Azhagiya Manvalan’s Lotus feet are covered by pearls also!

The meaning of this all-pearl themed Ninth day is profound yet so simple at the same time. As we all know, the pearl is a very rare and hard to find gem. It takes great peril to dive in the ocean and retrieve these precious pearls. Sri Ranganatha’s divine blessings, His Grace, is like that pearl. It is hard to come by, but it is Pure and to behold it and feel His warmth will cleanse all our sins and make us pure like the Pearl!

Tomorrow is the most beautiful Mohini Alankaram for Lord Ranganatha! Sri Rangaraja will transform into a beautiful mesmerizing Mohini, more to come on that. Today, let us cleanse our mind and spirit and meditate on the Supreme being, let our hearts be washed by the pure white pearl-light of Ranganatha’s grace!

I pray to HIM that HIS Woiyyara nadai, kasturi tilakam, Kaadu Kappu (Jewelery on HIS ears), Tirumarbu Padakkangal and HIS Lotus Feet, protect all of us and grant us the boon of getting deeper in devotional service and get detached with materialistic bonding

I request all the readers to kindly pardon any faulty interpretations or any other mistakes.
Vachadhosham Kshamikkavum!
Adeyen Dhaashan,
Narasimha bhattar




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