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Azagiyamavalanin Makara Shankaraanthi purappadu. —- Pongal vaazthukkal January 14, 2014

Posted by Dr.NVS in Brahminsnet Postings.

Wish you A Happy Shankaranthi& Pongal Nal Vaazthukkal Hare Sri Ranga Charanam.

Dear members,
My saashtanga pranaams to Azhagiya manavalan Namperumal Sri Ranganathan,

Before I begin the happenings of the 5th day of Bhoopathy Thirunaal at thiruvarangam,
I want to wish all devotees a Happy Makara Sankranthi and Happy Pongal.

The auspicious day coincides with the start of Utharayanam, and the day is marked by two porappadugal ( two processions -one in morning and afternoon ), which is enthralling.Our Azhagiya manavalan , Sri Sridevi , Sri Bhoodevi sametha, athikaalai (early morning) at 2:30 am, start the processions towards the Sankranthi mandapam in a beautiful palakki.
In here, Upachara Pooja is performed for the lord, followed by Thiruvaaradhan, Neivedhyam, Ghosti with much pomp.

The sounds of mani, slokas send all of us into a state of divine bliss, no wonder Srirangam is called Bhooloka Vaikuntam.
This time of the year, whatever you hear, whatever you see, whatever feel is pervaded by Namperumal Sri Rangathanin namam.
Our Nadi seems to rhythm with the chant of our Azhagiya manavalan’s thiru namam..Ranganatha..Ranganatha.

What else do we want in our lifetime? If attaining Moksham is this reaching Vaikuntam, It makes me feel I already attained moksham.

Yeththanai janmam yeduththalum,
Pirappathum,valarvathum,irappathum..athu namperumal Ranganathanin thiruvarangathileya irukka vendum yendru Emperumanidam yenthan siriya korikkai.

Dear Devotees, my one request or one vinnappan, please do visit Sri Rangam and attain the highest bliss, but make sure that you take along with you, your sons, daughters, Grand sons and Granddaughters and make them experience this ecstasy an an early age

I digress..now continuing with the happenings of the day..After the proceedings at the Sankranthi mandapam, emperuman sri ranganthar , sridevi – bhoodevi sametha , return back to Moolasthanam.

After safely leaving Sridevi and Bhoodevi nachiyaars, our emperuman agains starts at noon on Sesha vahanam for the procession.


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