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Azagiya Manavaalan VEADU– PURÉE utthsavam. Thiruvaai mozhi. Thirunaal 8th Day Uttsavam January 19, 2014

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Dear Members and Friends,Today is the 8th day of Ira -Pathu in this is divine Thiruvaimozhi Festival.
Today is also Known as "Vedu Puree" day when a divine play is enacted where Thirumangai Mannan alwar’s life and subsequent enlightment is beautifully explained.

The story of ’ Thirumangai Azhvaar way laying Lord Namperumal and trying to steal his jewels was enacted on the eighth day of the Iraa Pathu Festival at the Srirangam Ranganatha temple

The last of the Azhvaars- Thirumangai Azhvaar – made a significant contribution, visiting and singing praise of Lord Vishnu in over 85 temples (Divya Desams). While all other Azhvaars got things done by showing love and devotion to the Lord, Thirumangai Azhvaar alone was different.

Thirumangai turns Thief

Born in Thiru Kuraiyulur, 2kms from the Thiruvali-ThiruNagari Divya Desam near Sirkazhi, Thirumangai Mannan (King), who belonged to the Kallar Community, fell in love with the beautiful Kumudavalli of Annan Koil.

She was keen to get him initiated into Vaishnavism and devoted to Lord Vishnu. To lead him into this path, she laid down ‘wedding’ conditions, one of which was to feed 1008 Vaishnavites every day. The story goes that Thirumangai Mannan, in this attempt, lost a lot of his wealth. To fulfill the conditions, he turned a thief and resorted to ‘stealing’.

One night, Thirumangai saw a newly married couple, decked with jewellery, coming his way. It was Lord Ranganatha of Thirunagari taking along with him Amruthavalli Thayar of Thiruvali. In that darkness, in Vedarajapuram (the village between Thiruvali and Thirunagari), Thirumangai way laid the disguised Lord Ranganatha and threatened him by lashing out his spear. With all his might, he also tried to bite and remove the Perumal’s ring.

Ranganatha initiates Ashtakchara Mandiram


Having picked up the jewellery and packed it into a sack, Thirumangai found the bag far too heavy. Despite repeated attempts, he could not lift the bag making him wonder if the person in front of him had a magic mantra. It was then that the disguised Lord Ranganatha initiated the ‘Astachara Mandiram’ by whispering into the ears of Thirumangai and displayed his true form and appeared before Thirumangai in a Kalyana Kolam along with Amruthavalli Thayar.

It was after this initiation that Thirumangai Mannan became Thirumangai Azhvaar.

Prabhandham Festival in Margazhi


Thirumangai Azhvaar wanted the Margazhi Festival to be a Tamil Divya Prabhandham festival as against just the Vedic recital that existed before his time. The 10 day ‘Eraa Pathu’ festival called ‘Thiruvoimozhi Thirunaal’ was specially created for the Lord to listen to the beautiful Tamil composition of Nammazhvaar.


At the Ranganatha temple in Srirangam, the story of ‘Vedu Puree’ is enacted every year as part of the eighth day celebrations of the Era Pathu festival. This day is dedicated to Thirumangai in recognition of his contribution to the Nalayira Divya Prabhandham.

Koana Vaiyali

Lord Namperumal had an early evening out on the Vedu Pari day coming out of the Santhana Mandapam at 430pm. Atop a Golden Horse Vahanam, the Pearl Pandyan Kondai adorned Namperumal was seen with a sword, javelin and arrows – his left hand holding the horse.

A speciality seen on this Vedu Puree evening was the performance of Kona Vaiyali inside the temple in the Manal Veli (Sand Bank) on the Eastern side of the temple. On other occasions, Kona Vaiyali is seen outside the temple during street processions.

Two fast up and down ‘straight runs’ of about 100meters was followed by a 20meter dash sideways, a circling of Lord Namperumal and another run sideways. This was repeated thrice. At the end of this acrobatic display, Azagiyamanavalan seemed to be smiling and showering his blessings on the devotees who had gathered in several hundreds.

Having just witnessed the Koana Vaiyali and appreciated with a loud round of applause, the devotees were taken aback by a sudden commotion on the Northern side as they watched several young lads running onto the Manal Veli with long sticks.

It was the people from the ‘Kallar’ community, who currently reside on the banks of the Melur Road Theppakulam, who had come there to enact the Vedu puree event – that of way laying Lord Namperumal at the Manal Veli and trying to take away his possessions. At the end of this enactment, every member of the Kallar community was accorded special honors and darshan of Our Azagiyamanavalan

Thirumangai, who earlier in the evening walked in as the king (Mannan) with a bow and arrow in hand, was seen in a completely different form at the end of the Vedu Puree , dressed as Azhwaar, who had just received the initiation of the Ashtakchara Mandhiram.

List of Jewels read out

Following the enactment of Veadu Puree, the entire list of jewels of Lord Namperumal was read out to confirm that all the jewels of the Lord were intact. It is an opportunity for the devotees to listen in to the different kinds of jewels worn by the Lord. This is the only day in the year when the list of jewels is read out.

Araiyar Sevai

Beginning 10.15pm, five Araiyars presented the Thiruvoimozhi pasurams for about one and a half hours at the 1000 Pillar mandapam. Through their Abhinayam and Vyakyanam of ‘ the Araiyars delivered an important message that just being united with and serving the devotees of the Lord is a bigger service than even ruling the three worlds.

Todays Pasuram is about "Nedumarkadimai" the 8th pathu of Thiruvaimozhi .

nedumarkadimai seyven pol * avanaik karudha vanjchiththu *
thadumarra thIkkathigaL * murrum thavirndha sadhir ninaindhal **
koduma vinaiyen avan adiyar adiye * kUdum idhu allal *
vidumarenbathen? andho! * viyan muvulagu perinume

In this pasuram our Nammazhwar expresses the same thing that Lord Krishna has himself expained in Bhagavad Gita thus..

"Mama mad bhakta bhakteshu prIti: abyadhika bhavet
tasmat mad bhakta bhaktascha poojaneeya viseshata:"

Here the Lord Sri Krishna exemplifies the importance of the Devotees and service TO the the devotees in no uncertain terms.
"I have a very great liking and love for my devotees or my bhaktas, but i adore those who service my own devotees even more!!"

A similar sentiment is expressed by Swamy Nammazhwar in to day pasuram pathu he extends the kainkaryam to a devotee to the same extent of kainkaryam to devotees.

Our Nammazhwar illustrates many different kind of devotees and their mahatmyam like Those who are doing kainkaryam to emperuman by being with Him always.
b. Those who do kainkaryam though not in His presence as they are always immersed in his beauty and divinity (bhagwadhas)
c. Those who do kainkaryam to those bhagwadhas themselves!

Veena Ekantham

Well past 1am and having been out for almost 9hours providing special darshan to the devotees at the Manal Veli and later at the 1000 pillar mandapam, it was time for Namperumal to return to his sanctum for a good night’s sleep. The events of this annual Vedu Pari Utsavam came to an end with Veena Ekantham, a unique and one of a kind Veena presentation. Srirangam is the only Divya Desam where this Yaazh Isai tradition is followed.

After a very noisy evening, Namperumal listened in peace for almost an hour, in pin drop silence (quite a rare occurrence at the Srirangam temple), to the sweet tunes of the four member Sathya Kootam Veena Vidwans (Srinivasan, Ramanujam, Govindan and Gopalakrishnan) and their presentation of Thirumangai Azhvaar’s pasurams.

(During the 10 day Ira Pathu festival, they present Yaazh Isai for about an hour every evening. Interestingly, while the daily morning and evening recitals are solo performances presented in a sitting posture, Veenai Ekantham during the Era Pathu Thiruvoimozhi festival is presented in a group in a standing posture with the Veena tied to their shoulder. In all, they present around 250 pasurams during this Tamil Prabandham festival)

One could almost visualize the Lord nodding in happiness when they presented the first song of Thirumangai Azhvaar after he identified the disguised Lord Ranganatha during the Vedu Pari (Thirumangai in this Pasuram expresses his wilting mind and wavering thoughts and how he finally found that chanting the Narayana Mantra gives one the peace of mind in life).

Their final song on the Vedu Puree night – a Vijaya Ranga Sokka Nathar’s composition) puts Namperumal to sleep after a long and tiring evening with the Lord entering his sanctum at around 1.00am.

Dear friends, I thus conclude my narration of an eventful 8th Ira Pathu day of the Thiruvaimozhi Thirunal.
same extent of kainkaryam to devotees.

மாறாத செல்வமும் ! நிலையான புத்தியும் , தவறாத ஒழுக்கமும் , நோயில்லா உடலும், மகிழ்ச்சியான வாழ்வும் எல்லாரும் எல்லாம் பெற்றிட எல்லாம் வல்ல என் அரங்கனையும், பெரிய பிராட்டி தாயாரையும், பிராத்திக்கிறேன்! அனைவருக்கும் வாழ்த்துகள் !

அரங்கன் அருள் நிலை திருக்கட்டும்

12 Months happiness,

52 weeks fun,

365 Days laughter,

8760 hrs good luck,

525600 Minutes joy,

31536000 seconds success,

So wishing u a Happy New Year

with love

Vachak Dosham Kshamikkavum
Narasimha Bhattar

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