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Azagiyamanavalanin Second Day Utthsavam Boopathy -Thirunaal. (Thai- Bramothsavam) February 6, 2014

Posted by Dr.NVS in Brahminsnet Postings.

Dear members and friends

Mangala Saasanam ! My Shastanga Namaskarams to our Sri Ranga Divya Dhambathigal Thiruvadi.(Lotus Feets)

Happy to meet you over the mail on the 2nd Day of the Brahmothsavam Boopathy Thirunaal.
My Saashtaanga pramanam and apologies to Azagiya manavaalan, who would be taking rest at this time after strolling through the streets of Srirangam blessing the benevolent people. It is a tradition that we should not disturb Acharyan (Guru), Thai / Thanthai (here we mean Aged Parents mother and father), Sagotharargal (Siblings), Kuzhanthai (Baby) when they are in the tranquilized sleeping state. At this time our Namperumal whom we consider as our our kuzhanthai is in the same state and tears roll down from my eyes when i think about him.

My father Anna Rangaraja Bhattar used to describe my kainkaryam at Srirangam temple that when we are performing our kainkaryam to Namperumal we need to see him as a the following

In the morning after the Viswaroopam when we are doing the Thiruvaarathana (daily puja) by chanting the vedhas and mantras he is listening as our Acharyan

After the thiruvathana is done we perform Neivethyam (offering) with Roti, Dhal, Butter, Pongal, Dosa Namperumal transforms himself as our aged Parents

In the noon when we perform the Neivethyam with Rice, Sathumathu (Rasam), Curd, Appam, Vadai, Murukku, Athirsam, Sweet he transforms himself as our sibling

In the late evening after the puja is done when we offer him the Sugar mixed with Rice, Elachi Milk he transforms himself as a small baby

Now i am going to describe the happenings of the day at Thiruvarangam for our Kuzhanthai Azagiya manavaalan

In the morning there was "surya prabhai". Before the sunrise (Arunodhayam) our Azagiya manavalan strolls through sriangamUtthra street in Surya Prabhai. When he strolled through the streets of srirangam Aadityan (Sun) reduced the intensity of the sun rays so that our Azagiya manavaalan is not preturbed with the heat and the brightness.

To bring prosperity and brightness to our life please pray and seek blessings to the attached picture our Namperumal (whom we consider as our baby) in the Surya Prabhai

In the evening of the eventful Second day at Thiruvarangam Namperumal strolls over the Hamsha vahanam through the Utthara streets.

Hamsa refers to Swan, and the swan means beauty and purity, Hamsa is Devaloka Pakshi (bird) and is a vahanam for the Chaturveda murthi (Bramha).

"Hamsam is considered to be Gnana swaroopam (which means the representation of knowledge), and of several Gayatri mantra’s one imporant gayatri mantra is Hamsa gayatri chanting this Hamsa gayatri is considered to be sacred and it is considered to brings us wealth of knowledge

Om Hamsaya vidhmahe
Paramahamsaya dhimahi
Tanno Hamsa pracodayat I request everyone to chant this Hamsa Gayatri Mantra which has the capabilities of making us more knowledgeable by improvng our grasping capabilities

Hamsa is considered to be a sacred and a holy bird which is capable of separating milk from the mixture of milk and water and Praying to our Namperumal in the Hamsa vahanam will make our heart pure and clean so that we are devoid of all the unwanted thoughts.

Seeking the Lotus Feet of Ranganatha

In case anyone amongst you find some mistake please kindly apologies.

Adeyen Dhashan,

Narasimha Bhattar

Narasimha Bhattar



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