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Thai Brahmothsavam. Boopathy-Thirunaal. 3rd Day Utthsavam February 7, 2014

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Dear Memembers and Friends

Adeyen My Shastanga Namaskarams tou our Azagiyamanavlan and Sri Ranga Nachiyar.

Kasturi Thilakothgalitha Srivathsanga kousthuba manibooshithaam
Vathsalyathi abhayapradhan bhooloka vaikuntakyam
Ranganayika sametha Sriranganatham Aham bhaje.

Daasan, Happy to Meet you on 3rd day of Brahmotsavam

Morning Simha Vahanam:

Today Lord Ranganatha leaves from his Kannadi Arai (Room of mirror) with Simhagathi (Simhanadai) and goes towards Vahana Mantapam. There he would ascend the Simha Vaahanam and go around Chitra Streets.

Simha vaahanam has an important significance. Soodikodutha Sudarkodi Andal in her Thirupavai beseeches the Lord- “Seeriya sigasanathirundu yam vanda kariyam arayndu aruleror embavai” Meaning, as the one who is seated on the great Simhasana, please enquire about our petitions and and bless us. What we have to note is that for our Lord Rajadhiraja, Simham is the appropriate seat and vahana. Like the noble king who will conduct thorough enquiry about any petitions his subjects may bring him before giving his ruling, Andal requests the Lord to do analyse the purpose of our coming to Him and not merely give what we want. (“ARAYNDU aruleror”!)

Blessed are those who are able to see Namperumal strolling through the utthra streets in simha vaahanam with simhanadai – a sight that will bring eternal happiness to our heart and soul. We need not see anyone else or anything else. Andar kon ani Arangan en amudhinai kanda kangal matondrinai kaanathey.

After returning to Vaahana Mandapam the Lord leaves for Aasthana Mandapam at around 9 00 am.

Evening Yali Vahanam.

In the beautiful evening at around 7 00 pm the Lord proceeds through the utthra streets in Yaali vahanam. This walk is called Deva nadai (Oyyaram).

Yali is a mythical creature, you might have a see them sculpted on temple pillars. This creature is a combination of animal and reptile. It has the head of a lion with tusk of an elephant and the tail of a serpent. This creature is as ferocious as a lion, as strong as an elephant and would be sending shiver down the spine due to the serpent. This is also the reason you would see this creature sculpted on the entrance walls.

Yaali is Devaloka pakshi (Deva’s birds). This has an important significance. We all know that having been to Srirangam we will attain moksham (Heaven). And it is the Yali which will take the Bhakthas, when the time comes for them to leave this earth, directly to the heaven as they have his divine blessing from his abhayahastham

Adiyen’s father Anna Rangaraja bhattar, used to say something very interesting as our Sriorangasri bhakthas will appreciate. When we perform kainkaryam (duties) at Srirangam temple each time we do some karma (Religious ceremoney like Namakarnam, Anna prasanam, choulam(hair offering), Aayush homam, Vidhya rambham, yagyo bhavitha dhaaranam, gruha pravesam and other subha karya homam’s, like marriages, seemantham) we offer Fruits, coconuts , beetle leaves and supaari along with dhakshina namaskaaram. All that we do is kept account of by sriranga divya dhampathigal. When we leave this earth, at that time divya dhampathigal wait with all these thaamboolam we offered earlier to receive us in heaven

And it is the Yali that takes us to the heaven to the Divyadampathigal who are ever ready to wait on their devotees, even though the entire universe moves as per their wish.

I am concluding the third day narration with this saying that "For our old age Srirangam is the heaven on earth (booloka vaikuntam)" “Indiralokam alum acchuvai perinum venden Arangama nagarulane”

Vaachaka dosham Kshamikavum


Narasimha Bhattar

Narasimha Bhattar



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