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Azagiya Manavalanin Fifth Day Brahmothsavan. (Boo paths-Thirunaal 5thday) February 9, 2014

Posted by Dr.NVS in Brahminsnet Postings.

Dear members,

My saashtanga pranaams to Azhagiya Manavalan Namperumal Sri Ranganathan,

On the 5th day of Bhoopathy Thirunaal at Thiruvarangam, Lord Ranganatha comes in the Sesha (Serpent) Vahanam through the streets of Srirangam blessing the people.The Sesha Vahanam is celebrated as Seshan has a special place in Namperumal’s entourage. Once, Kanikannan, a disciple of Thirumazhisai Alwar, was ordered out of Kanchi by the King. A distressed Thirumazhisai Alwar decided not to stay where his disciple was disrespected and left Kanchi too. When leaving the Alwar told Perumal:

Kanikannan pogindran kamuru punkachi Manivanna Ni kidaka Vendi Thunivudaya
Chennapulaven naanum Poogindren Neeyum Undan Painaga payeyi Churuttikoll

Meaning: Kanikannan is going out of Kanchi and so am I. You roll your blanket (Adiseshan) and come behind us.
Hearing this the Lord also started to move behind Alwar. They stayed at Orikai for a night. The king went and pleaded with the Alwar to come back. The Alwar knew very well that Perumal is always accompanied by Adiseshan. So he told Perumal to come back with Seshan!

Poikai Alwar correctly describes Seshan as :-
Senral kudaiyam irundal singasanamam,
Ninral maravadiyam neel kadalul enrum
Punaiyam manivilakkam poombattam
Pulkum anaiyam Thirumalkaravuâ€

Whether Perumal is taking rest or sitting or standing or on the move, Seshan follows Him in the appropriate form. It was Udaiyavar (Sri Ramanujar) the Adiseshan avataram, who resurrected not only Hinduism but also established Thiruvenkatamudaiyan as MahaVishnu by implanting himself on His forehead as Srichurnam.

The sounds of mani and slokas send all of us into a state of divine bliss; it is no wonder that Srirangam is called Bhooloka Vaikuntam. At this time of the year, everything that we hear, see and feel is pervaded by Namperumal Sri Rangathar’s divya namam. Our Nadi seems to rhythm with the chant of our Azhagiya Manavalan’s thiru namam..Ranganatha..Ranganatha.

At Srirangam, Lakshmanan incarnates as Aadhisheshan and Lord Krishna incarnates as Ranganatha. My father Anna Rangaraja Bhattar used to say that Periya Perumal or Lord Ranganathar is the incarnation of Lord Krishna and Namperumal or Azagiya Manavaalan is the incarnation of Lord Rama

Please view the picture of Sesha Vahanam (attached with this mail) and then pray to the Lord to bless us and purify us by washing off our Naga Dosham.

At around 6 30 PM Namperumal leaves for Aasthana Mandapam in the Hanumantha Vahanam, proceeding through the Uthirai streets, Hanuman is considered as Sri Rama’s Bhaktha (devotee), Hanuman had requested Sri Rama to allow him to be with Sri Rama through all the Yugas namely, Kruthayuga, Dwabara yuga , Tretha yuga and Kaliyuga; he incarnates as a devotee to Lord Rama in all the Yugas. At Srirangam when Lord Vishnu incarnates as Lord Ranganatha and Lakshman incarnates as Adhisheshan and Hanuman does his Kainkaryam (Service) as Siriya -Thiruvadi. Nothing less can be said about Sri Hanuman, who is the greatest devotee and it is said that wherever there is Rama nama, Hanuman will always be around..

Yatra yatra Raghu nada keerthanam,
Thathra thathra krudha masthakanjalim,
Bhashpa vari pari poorna lochanam,
Maruthim namatha Rakashasanthakam

In this blissful day at Srirangam, people are blessed to see our Namperumal in both Sesha vahanam and Hanumatha Vahanam. I request the readers of this mail to view the picture of the Hanumath Vahanam too. May Namperumal bless us with the strength and courage of Hanuman and ensure that success will always be with us.

Thus concludes the auspicious day, to start with another one the following day. One cannot control the tears of divine ecstasy while experiencing the beauty of Emperuman and the splendour and grandeur of the Brahmostavam.

Let us pray to the Lord to give us the strength and courage and the mental ability to remember and chant His name always and thus freeing ourselves from the burden that is life and the troubles that this earthly body brings us.

Dear Devotees, I have a small request or vinnappan. Do visit Sri Rangam and attain the highest bliss but make sure that you take along with you, your sons, daughters, grand-sons and grand-daughters so that they experience this ecstasy an an early age.

Sri Man Narayana Charanam Charanam Prapadye.

Vachaka dosham Kshamikavum

Adiyen Dhasan

R. Narasimhabhattar


Narasimha Bhattar


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