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Azagiyamavalanin Sixth Day Brahmothsavam Thai-month. (Boo paths-Thirunaal) February 11, 2014

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Dear Members and Friends,

Shastanga Namaskarams to our Periya Perumal and Periya Pirattiyar.

Adiyen is happy to narrate the events of the 6th day of Boopathy Thirunaal at Booloka Vaikuntam Srirangam.

At Arunodayam, Namperumal leaves from the Vahana Mandapam by the Karpaka Vriksha vahanam and strolls through the Uthirai streets. Karpakam refers to Softness / Kindness / Prosperity. The Karpaka Vriksham is a holy tree that grants all that we desire. Those who worship Namperumal on this day are believed to be prosperous throughout their life. He will remove all obstacles in their life. In fact, our Dayanidhi will shower His blessings on His devotees even if they do not ask, just like He showered great wealth on Kuchela who offered Him just a few morsels of Aval – that was all he could afford – without asking for any favour in return. He knows that His true devotees value his Ranga Darsana more than any earthly wealth and riches. "Acchuvai perinum venden Arangama nagarulane".

After strolling through all the Uthirai streets on the Karpaka Vriksham, He returns back to the Vahana Mandapam. He is then taken on a doli (palanquin) to the Asthana Mandapam. On the way all the ubayadars (Donors) perform the kainkaryam of our Namperumal by offering fruits, flowers and prasadam There are many mandapams en route the Asthana mandapam, where the Lord rests and grants darshan to his devotees. The procession also passes through many Theerthams (holy ponds) namely, Vraja theertham, Sathayu theertham ,Vriksha theertham, Kadamba theertham, Shanku theertham, Aja theertham, Chandra pushkarani, Surya pushkarani etc., It is tragic that the actions of our present day rulers and the inaction of the Asthika community over the years has resulted in the construction of buildings and flats and other encroachments over these Theerthams leading to their disappearance. Perhaps our Emberumanar has to take avataram again!!

At around 8 PM, Namperumal proceeds on the Yanai (elephant) vahanam. The sight of Namperumal walking with gambiramana oyyiara nadai (walk of pride) brings fond memories of the paasuram "Neenda-ap periya-vaaya kangal ennai pedhamai sei-thanave".

After the Yanai vahanam procession, Namperumal takes rest at the Kannadi Arai. It is a poetic touch that He too needs rest for a whole day, just like us humans, after days of hard work at processions!!! Kannadi Arai has a special significance because here, Embruman takes Ekantha thirumanjanam (bath) by himself except for the presence of Archakas who bathe Him. Ekantha Thrimanjanam is done with lukewarm water and succeeding this, neivedhyam of milk (with Saffron / elachi / jaggery) is undertaken. Finally, Azagiyamanavalan is dressed in soft clothes and goes into Aanandha sayanam (tranquil state) like a new born child.

Please find attached for your prayers, a picture of our Azagiya Manavalan in the Karpaka Vriksha vahanam.

Vachaka Dhosham Kshamikavum!

Narasimhas Bhattar

Narasimha Bhattar


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