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Azagiya Manavalanin 8th day Brahmothsavan Boopathy-Thirunaal. Azagiyamavalanin Kudhorai-Vaahanam February 12, 2014

Posted by Dr.NVS in Brahminsnet Postings.

Dear Members and friends,

Saashtaanga pranams to Azagiya Manavalan and Sriranga Naachiar!!

With Namperumal’s name on lips, I start my narration.

Today is the 8th day of bhoopathi thirunaal. On this auspicious day, Emperumal starts his porappadu (procession) at 7:30 am, through the uthirai streets of Thiruvarangam. After the porappadu, the Lord reaches the Ranga Vilasa mandapam at 9:00 am; thiruvaaraadhanai is performed with vedic chants, Neivedyam,Ghosti and the usual pomp and splendour worthy of the King of Srirangam.

At around 6:30pm, the Lord mounts his vahana – the thanga kuthirai ( Golden Horse ) – and then starts the procession.

The importance of horse as a vahanam for Namperumal cannot be said stressed enough .Namperumal himself took the Hayagriva avatharam (with head of a horse and body of man) to retrieve the vedas from the Daityas – Madhu & Kaitabha . So in that sense Sri Hayagriva himself represents the primeval Horse.

The sight of our Azhagiya Manavalan on top of the golden horse is magnificent and formidable. For after all, he is the king of kings, and horse is the most appropriate steed for a king. As our Namperuamal rides the golden horse, he reassures us that again he will come and protect us from the wicked and wipe out the evil and the sins that are present in this kali yuga. As the Lord says in Sri Bhagavad Gita.

Dharma Samsthapanaarthaaya,
Sambhavaami yuge yuge



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