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Azagiyamavalanin Thiru-Ther (chariot) Boobpathy-Thirunaal& sapthaavarnam February 13, 2014

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Dear members and our respected and honourable friends

My Saashtaanga pranaams to Azagiya manavalan and Sriranga Naachiyaar

Today, on the 9th day of Brahmotsavam at Srirangam, our dear Azhagiya Manavalan, accompanied by his consorts Shree Devi and Bhooma
Devi, appears in the Ther or the chariot. True to his name "Rangaraja" (The King Ranga) his majestic appearance is beyond any description.

We all know that the “Ther” – Chariot is an important part of all our temples. No temple festivity is complete without the Ther, which is indeed the climax of all festivals.

What is the significance of the Ther that makes it an indispensable part of the temple culture? It is because the Lord himself conferred this importance. It is the Ther that the Lord chose as the locale for his Gitopanishad. When Arjuna saw his relatives and respected elders on the opposite side of the battlefield, he was overcome by grief and requested Krishna – “Senayor ubhayormadhye ratham sthapaya me achyutha”. In fact it is not Arjuna himself but Lord Krishna who made him say these words. He settled Arjuna’s Ther between the two armies – between the good and the evil, between dharma and adharma – and delivered his Gita. His chosen vehicle was the Ther which the Rajadhiraja himself drove as a Sarthy . Gitacharyan told all that we are always caught between good and evil, dharma and adharma and that in order to choose the correct path we have to surrender to Him – “Sarva dharman parithyaya mamekam sharanam vraja”.

Again sitting on the chariot driver’s seat, He told Arjuna –
“Bahuni me vyatheethani janmani thava cha-Arjuna;
Thanyahm vedmi sarvani na thvam vetha paranthapa”.

There have been several incarnations of me; you were born in several of these too. I remember all of them, but you don’t!. Meaning the Lord tells his devotees that He takes several avatars to redeem them, but they may not remember. So he drives their chariot in the right path and repeats the Gita Yoga as and when required. –
“ Imam vevasvathe yogam prokthavan aham avyayam;
Vivasvan manave praha, manurikshvakluve abraveeth” –
This Gita Yogam had already been taught by me to Vivasvan (Sun). Vivasvan narrated to Manu who in turn to Ikshvaku. I am now giving you Arjuna, the same Upadesha to show you the correct path when you are caught between good and evil, dharma and adharma.

So my friends it is the Ther which is selected by the Lord himself as the peeta (seat) from which he gave the Gita discourse. No wonder the Ther occupies such an important position in our temples. On this day of Ther at Booloka Vaikunta, it is indeed the privileged who are blessed to be present and receive the Katakshas of our Lord and the Ubhayanachiyars.

Even in this mechanical and stressful life we need to take time to offer our prayers to Lord Narayana. Even an unintended prayer to Him is enough excuse for Him to shower His blessings on us. And if you do surrender to Him with all your mind, heart and soul, you can imagine where He will take you.
Sapthaa varnam
After Theertha Vari in the holy Chandra Pushkarani, Perumal goes to Chandana Mandapam. Then Thirumajanam , He leaves by evening and goes around the utthra streets, listening to Divya prabandham and Vedas, with out much pomp and celebration. Since He is tired because of 10 days of festival along with many musical instruments playing all the time, in order to take a break from much of this, he has just one drum playing as he marches silently, in Sapthaa Varnam, utthra streets.
Then He goes back in and has Rakshabandhana Visarjanam(the removal of the Rakshabandhanam) after which, He goes back to Moola Sthanam directly.

In 10 days of Boopathy thirunaal , I passed on all the information that I got from Sri Rangam, as and when I received it. Our knowledge is so low and in this condition, all those who enjoyed the festivities with me by reading my emails amidst all your difficulties and busy schedules,I hope, would have got a near live idea of the grand celebrations in Sri Rangam. I pray for you all and would like to thank you all for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to write about such a grand festival!
But I am glad and feel blesses that I am receiving all the photos almost live from there which is what I share with you all. I request you all to please save all the photos I have sent so far and think of Him and perform puja for Him at your Homes with the amount of knowledge you have in it and plan for going to Sri Ranagam when it is feasible and get Ranganatha and Thayar’s anugraham.

Sri Rangam is the foremost among the 108 Divya Desams (sacred shrines).

Ramanuja the great Philosopher saint and reformer streamlined the temple administration of Srirangam.

Is situated between the two rivers Kollidam and Cauvery.

Rama the Great worshipped Lord Ranganatha and gave it as a gift to Vibheeshanaa.

All the Azhwaars except Madhurakavi have sung in Praise of Lord Ranganatha in their sacred hymns (247).

Namperumal is the name of the Utsava Moorthy (Procession deity) and He adorns the Rathna- angi during Vaikunta Ekadasi.

Garuda brought the Sri Ranga Vimana from Sathyaloka to Ayodhya.

Alzhwan Thiruchutru (Built by Thirumangai Azhwaar) is the 4th Prakara (enclosure) among the Sapthaprakaras (7 enclosures) of Srirangam.

Many Kings of different dhyaanas built the various mandapas and sannidhis ,established endowments for conducting festivals

I would like to conclude saying that I have written as much to my knowledge about the the Brahmotsavam and all other Festivals in Sri Rangam and I would like to thank Sri Ranga Sri Aanbil Maama, Dr. Sadagopan, and my daughter in law Sow Shubhakara Vivek
Thanks to my brother Nandakumara bhattar
May the Divine blessings of Azhagiya Manavalan always be with us

ஸ்ரீமதே ரம்ய ஜாமாத்ரு முநீந்த்ராய மஹாத்மநே
ஸ்ரீரங்க வாஸிநே பூயாத் நித்யஸ்ரீர் நித்ய மங்களம்

Sri Ranga Yathraa Dhine Dhine
Sri Ranga Shri Nithya Sri Nithaya Mangalam.

Vaacaka Dhosham and misinterpretation if any,please forgive me for the same.
Narasimha Bhattar



Narasimha Bhattar


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