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Azagiya Manavalinin Mashi month Garudasevai. Thiru Palli Odam Thirunaal Forth Day. Utthsavam. (Theppa-Thirunaal) March 8, 2014

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Dear Members!!!

My Sashtanga Namaskarams to our Azhagiyamanvalan in Garuda Vahanam!

The Theppotsavam has a very interesting symbolism and history behind it. A Theppam (Float) helps us stay afloat any body of water and is generally used to cross a lake or river. Without a Theppam, we will sink to the bottom. The significance behind this is that, Sriman Narayanan acts as a Theppam and helps his devotees to cross the Bhava Sagaram. But for His help, we will drown in our samsaram.

Sriman Narayanan took the Matsya Avataram in order to enlighten people about this truth. During the Pralaya, He sent the float- Theppam – to King Satyavrata . who climbed on to the float with the Saptharishis and all other beings as ordained by the Lord. The Lord himself came along as a golden Matsya. Satyavrata tied his float to the golden Matsya using the Sarpa, Vasuki. For seven days and nights, the Matsya roamed the oceans in darkness, lit only by the Tejas of the Saptharishis. Then, Brahma woke up and started srushti. This is the symbolism of the Theppotsavam.

On the 4th day of the Theppotsavam, our Lord proceeds on the Garuda vahanam. Garuda is celebrated as Vedaatma or the embodiment of the Vedas. It was Garuda that gave upadesa of Hayagriva mantra to Desika atop the hill in Tiruvahindrapuram. Garuda is also said to be the Sankarshana amsa of the Lord; the term Sankarshana embodies Jnana (knowledge) and Bala (youth). Swamy Desikan describes Garuda as “Nishparudaso dasah”- an indispensable servant. Sri Garuda vahana starts around 6 pm and the Lord retires around 9.30 pm.

The Garuda vahanam of the Theppotsavam is very special as it occurs in the month of Masi. There is a saying that, “Kasiku ponalum, masi garuda sevai kittadu”, meaning that it is so difficult to have the boon of Masi Garuda sevai even if you go to Kasi! It is well known that Aranganathan’s birth star is Revathi in Meena rasi (Moon sign as Pisces). Sukran is exalted (becomes uccha) in Revathi star. It is believed that Sukran is the devatha who symbolizes luxury and comfort and hence, on this occasion, the Garuda is made of silver to symbolize the pomp and luxury that we will receive through the Lord.

Looking at our Azagiya manavalan seated atop Sri Garuda, one might think that Garuda is trying his best to take a look at our Lord sitting majestically on him. Nevertheless, he is content with the joy that he sees etched on the faces of the devotees who are taking in this grand sight.

Indeed fortunate and blessed are those devotees who are able to watch this divine and wonderful sight of our Aranganathan seated atop the magnificent Sri Garuda.

Vachaka Dosham Kshamikavum

Adiyen Dasan

Narasimha Bhattar


Narasimha Bhattar


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