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Azagiyamanavalan Manavalanin Thiruppali Odam. Thirunaal. 9th day. Utthsavam March 13, 2014

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Sri Ranganayaki sametha Sri Ranganatha Divya Thambathibyo Namaha

Dear Srirangasri Members and Friends,

My sashtanga namaskarams to our Periya Perumal Sriranganathan and our Periya Pirattiyar Sriranganayaki Thayaar

On the final day of the Theppotstavam, Namperumal starts from the moolsthanam and goes to the Theppam mandapam where Thirumanjam is performed for the Lord along with vedic chants.

On this final day of Teppostavam, I state yet again the importance of Teppam. Nachiyar describes the Lord as the Thoni, – float- with which we can cross the ocean of sorrow or samsaram.

Thunba kadal pukku vaikundhan enbathor

Thoni peraathuzhalkinren

To light the procession, a “Ney Pandam”, which is a torch burnt with ghee, is used. This is called the “Pantha Kakshi”. What is the significance of ghee? Thirumangai Alwar refers to Srirangam as

Panju ser maligai

Needagil pugayum maraiyor

Senjisol velvipugayum kamayam

Then arangame!

Meaning, the mansions of Srirangam are always surrounded by “Akil” perfume, the smoke from Yagna kundas. So, can there be anything less than aromatic ghee for Azagiya manavalan’s torch? The smell of ghee even transcends our senses and leaves us thinking about pongal, sakkarai pongal and other delicacies for a moment before guilt sinks in! But isn’t Srirangam, Sukranin iruppidam?

A distinct feature of the procession on the 9 th day of the Theppotsavam is that unlike the other days (when the Lord strolls only through the Utthirai and Chithirai streets), He also moves through Teppakulam Street which is not part of the Agraharam! He accepts the offerings of all the residents of the street. By this gesture, He sends a message that one’s birth alone does not distinguish a person. Irrespective of which varna one is born, if he/she is a true devotee, the Lord commands all his adiyars (followers) to accept him//her as one of their own and engage in giving and taking from him/her.

In the words of Thondaradipodi Alwar:-

Pazhudhila ozhugal aattrup

pala sethupethi maargal

Eekulathavargalelum yam adiyaaraagil

Thozhumeeneer kodumin kolmin!

Yendru ninorum okka

Vazhipada arulinaay pol

Madhil thiruvarangathaane!

The Aazhwar continues that even if one has studied the four Vedas and is a high born, if he mistreats His devotees, in just a second he will fall down to the lowest form of srushti.

Amara orr angam aatrum

vedamor naangum othi

Thamargalil thalaivaraay, saathi anthanargalelum

Noomargalai pazhippar aagil,

Nodippathorr alavil,

Aange avargal thaam pulaiyar polum


As Periazhwar says –

Sollalaam pothu un namam ellaam,

Yennalam pothu un namam ellam

“Whenever I speak, let me utter your namam; whenever I think let me think your namam”

Let us join Periazhwar and pray to The Lord that we may be given the ability to think and utter his namam all the time whatever might be the circumstance or struggles that we find ourselves in.

I thank all the members of Sriranga Sri group and other sites and forums who read my heartfelt experiences about our Azagiya manvalan. Thanks to Sow Shubhakara .

I wish them all my best for peace and prosperity in their lives.

The next festival is Adi Brahma uthsavam and Panguni Utthram about which adiyen will elaborate shortly in my next message.

Vachaka Dosham kshamikkavum,

Adiyen Dasan,

Narasimha Bhattar

Narasimha Bhattar

Narasimha Bhattar


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