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Adhi-Brhma-Thirunaal 2nd Day Utthsavam April 7, 2014

Posted by Dr.NVS in Brahminsnet Postings.

Dear members,

My saashtanga Namaskaram to Namperumal and Sri Ranga Nachiyar!

On Day 2 of Adhi Brahmotsavam or Panguni Uthiram Thirunaal, Azhagiya Manavalan commences a procession around the Chithrai streets at 7:30 AM. After graciously blessing the devotees who are unable to come to Him, He arrives at the Garuda Mandapam through Ranga Vilas. He remains at the Garuda Mandapam till evening and devotees throng to view His beauty. At 8-00 PM, our Azhagiya Manavalan proceeds towards Jeeyar Puram, a small town located west of Srirangam across the Vada Thiru Cauveri along the Melur Road. Lore has it that once on this route, the Lord heared an Ammayar (old lady) calling to her grandson named Rangan. The Lord assumed that the lady was calling out to Him and goes to her in the form of her grandson. The old lady provided Him thayir sadham (curd rice) and vadu manga (tender mango pickle). The Lord ate with content and marched on to Jeeyarpuram. Meanwhile, the grandson came by asking why she hadn’t given him his dinner yet. That is when the old lady realized that it was not her grandson whom she had fed. The Lord appeared in front of her and revealed that it was He who had blessed her by eating from her own hands. The old lady was ecstatic and lamented that had she known that it was Azhagiya Manavalan come in the guise of her grandson, she would have made akkarai vadisal (rice pudding) and fed the Lord. The Lord replied that He always ate akkarai vadisal at His palace in Srirangam but was longing for the simple food that His devotees offered with heartfelt devotion. He blessed the lady and marched on.

On His way, Goddess Cauveri requests His blessings. The Lord requests that the Goddess help Him cross the river to reach Uraiyur at a later date. This story will unfold in the coming days when Sri Renga Nachiyar comes to Goddess Cauveri and asks her where Her beloved husband Azagiya Manavalan is. The Lord then proceeds on to reach Jeeyar Puram and stays overnight. This concludes the second day of the uthsavam.

Vachaka dosham kshamikkavum,


Narasimha Bhattar


Narasimha Bhattar


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