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Ahi brahma-Mudal Thirunaal. OurAzagiyamanavalan April 7, 2014

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Theeratha Venai Anaithum Theerkum Koil
Thiruvarangam Ana Thigazum Kiol Thaney

Esteemed members,

My saashtanga Namaskaram to Namperumal and Sri Ranga Nachiyar!

Srirangam, a legendary town also known as Bhoologa Vaikundam, is the grand palace of Lord Sri Ranganatha. Today, the Adhi Brahmothsavam has commenced at Srirangam. I would like to take our readers on a spiritual journey to explore the beauty of each day of this Adhi Brahmotsavam or Panguni Thirunaal Uthsavam.

Adhi Brahmothsavam is a sacred festival created by the Lord Brahma himself for Lord Ranganatha. It celebrates the day that Lord Ranganatha arrived on the earth from Sathya loka. In Srirangam, Adhi Brahmothsavam was first celebrated by the Chozha King, Dharmavarma and the tradition has been carried on in all splendour till today. Lord Ranganatha’s thirunakshathiram (birth star) is Rohini in the sacred month of Panguni, which falls between the Gregorian calendar months of March-April. The festival lasts 11 days. The most sacred of all the days is the day of Panguni uthiram (9th day), when the Divya thambadhigaL, Sri Azhagiya Manavalan and Sri Renga Nachiar are seen together for one whole day (serthi sevai).

On the first day of the Uthsavam, the Dwajarohanam or kodiyatham (hoisting of the flag) happens in the wee hours of the morning. Sri Ranganatha starts his procession at 3:30 AM on his vengala ratham (Bronze Car). The flag is then hoisted in the Dwajasthamaba mandapam, in His presence, between 5-00am to5-45 Meenalagnam. After the flag hoisting, the Lord returns to the kannadi arai (room of mirrors) in order to grant sevai (darshan) to His bhakthaas.

The ritual of Thirumulai happens in the evening at Sri Ranganathar’s Sanctum Sanctorum (Moolasthalam / Garbagruham). Archakas of Srirangam tie the Rakshabhandhanam (sacred thread) for Periya Perumal (moolavar), Azhagiya Manavalan (uthsavar/Namperumal) and then for Namperumal’s commander-in-chief Senai Mudhaliyar (Vishvaksenar). Following this ceremony, Senai Mudhaliyar and Namperumal will go on a procession to Sri Ranga Nachiyar sannidhi to visit the Sthala Vruksham, which is the Bilva Tree near Sri Ranga Nachiyar sannidhi. From the bottom of the Bilva Tree, the three of them obtain soil for Palika Sthapanam or preparation of Palika for the sacred event that follows. Afterwards, they return to their own sanctums.

Senai Mudhaliyar then goes on a procession around the Chithrai streets around the temple to ensure that the streets are prepared for the grand festival and to let the people of Srirangam know that Namperumal will be making visits during the Adhi Brahmothsavam to bless and take care of His adiyarkku adiyars (devotee of devotees).

By 4:30 PM, the Beri thadanam, the ritual in which all the dhevathas are bonded, is performed. This signifies that since the kodiyatham has happened, nobody in Srirangam is allowed to leave the town until the end of the uthsavam. At 6:30 PM, Lord Ranganatha and Ubaya Nachiyar go on a procession around the Chithrai streets. They arrive at the yaga salai (place where yagas or rituals are performed). The Lord will have Thirumanjanam up to midnight while the pancha kunda homam (ritual with fire) will happen. Then the Lord returns to kannadi arai to rest for the night. This concludes day 1 of the uthsavam.

While writing about the Adhi brahmotsavam festival, thoughts of Srirangam and its glory embrace me. I cannot help but get lost in the memories of those beautiful chithirai streets

where our Namperumal strolls everyday. May the thoughts of His beautiful voiyyara nadai, His kasturi thilakamum, the pleasent smell of the soil along kaveri and anything else related to Sri Ranganatha, pervade our souls eternally.

Vachaka Dosham kshamikkavum,

Narasimha Bhattar


Narasimha Bhattar


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