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Azagiyamanavalanin fourth day utthsavam of Viruppan-Thirunaal April 24, 2014

Posted by Dr.NVS in Brahminsnet Postings.

Dear friends,

Saashtanga pranams to Namperumal Si Ranganathan and Sri Ranganachiar!

Happy to meet continue my narration on the 4th day of the Viruppan thirunaal

My Saashtaanga pranams to our Azagiya manavaalan, who would be taking rest at this time after strolling through the streets of Srirangam blessing the people. It is a tradition that we should not disturb Acharyan (Guru), Thai / Thanthai (here we mean Aged Parents mother and father), Sagotharargal (Siblings), Kuzhanthai (Baby) when they are in the sleeping state. At this time our Namperumal whom we consider as our our kuzhanthai is in the same state and my heart is filled with so much Joy when I think about him.

Today I am going to describe the happenings of the 4th day at Thiruvarangam for our Kuzhanthai Azagiya manavaalan

In the morning our Namperumal leaves from kannandi arai 4.00am and reached the vahana mandapam 4.15am.From there our Lord boards on " Irattai piraba" vahanam and before the sunrise (Arunodhayam) our Azagiya manavalan strolls through sriangam chitra street in Irattai prabai. When he strolled through the streets of Srirangam Aadityan (Sun) reduced the intensity of the sun rays so that our Azagiya manavaalan is not perturbed with the heat and discomfort.
The Lord reaches Vahana mandapam around 6:15 am and from there the lord strolls towards Asthanamadapam – which is the Tirichy Vyasa Arya Mandapam while giving several abayams on the way.

Dear friends lets pray and seek blessings to the attached picture our Namperumal in the Irattai Prabhai vahanam. As Sri Andal puts – "Naraynane namakku parai tharuvaan"

In the evening of the eventful fourth day at Thiruvarangam Namperumal strolls on His Garuda vahanam through the chitra streets.

"Aajanu Swarna varnaam – Himagiri chadursham – chaarugatya chadurtvam – chaa kandas kumkumartham
pravara kulamaha kaama – Uthva krrey hasam
Vyaktham brahmanda karbam – dipuja mapayatham pinga netrothaaram dharkshyam
nira krutha naatha dvithu muthitha paksha lakshmam namami"

Garuda was the son of Katsyapa rishi who had two wives Sunithi and Vinutha, of which Sunithi had given birth to one thousand eggs while Vinutha had given birth to two eggs, Sunithi hastely (because of jealosy towards Vinutha) smashed all the eggs which turned out to be Naga Paambu (Cobras), Sunithi forced Vinutha to break one egg which turned out to be a bright young baby boy which is handicapped (having no legs), Vinutha felt sad and prayed to god and Aditya appeared before her and made a request that he would like to adopt the baby and he would bring him up as his charioteer, he is names as Arunan. Arunan masters all Vedas, and is blessed by Aditya with a divine blessing that "before the Suryodayam takes place Arunodhayam will take place", this holy time at which Arunodhayam takes place is called as Brahma muhurtham. At this holy time period whatever good thing that we do will be successful and blessed both by Aditya and Arunan. The second egg of vinutha hatches after the hatching period and which turned out to be Lord Garuda. Garuda is a Master of Sama Veda. His other names are Vedha Paruvatham, Vedha Giri. Lord Vishnu adopts this baby and later makes him as his Vahanam.

Sunithi along with her one thousand serpants was jealous of both Arunan and Garudan, once the serpants made a request to Arunan to take them to Surya mandalam and Arunan decided to take all the adhiseshans (Serpants) to the surya mandala, and on the way to surya mandala because of the brightness and the intensity of the Adityan all the serpants except for eight serpant get burned and these serpants seeks pardon at Garudas feet. Each serpant transforms as a jewel for Garuda’s Body structure.

1. Anathan, transforms the wrist for right hand
2. Vasuki transforms the Sacred thread
3. Dhakshakan transform the Sacred thread for the hip
4. Karkodagan transforms into the Garuda’s garland
5. Padman forms the right ear rings
6. Maha padhman transforms into left ear rings
7. Shanka paalan transforms as a part of garuda’s crown
8. Kulikan transforms into Garudaas jewel for the shoulder

I request all the devotees to seek the blessing of our Azagiyamanavaalan on this Garuda vaahanam so that He brings purity and removes the poisonous thoughts (Ego / Jealousy and other unwanted thoughts) from our mind in no time

Garudu prays to Namperumal to wash away the sin from Arunan of killing the serpants (Naga Dhosam), So our Namaperumal decides to come in Seshavahanam and bless us so that we are also washed off from the Naga dhosam which will begin the 5th day of the Virupan thirunaal.

Vachaka dosham Kshamikavum

Adiyen Dhasan

Narasimha Bhattar

Narasimha Bhattar


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