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Kanchipuram Varadarajar Kovil Brahmothsavam May 12, 2014

Posted by Dr.NVS in Brahminsnet Postings.

Namaskaram to All,

With vaikasi month round the corner, it is time for the wonderful Brahmotsavam of our Varadar in Perumal Kovil (Kanchipuram).

Like the previous year’s adiyen would try and scribble about the utsavam to best of my little knowledge. Am still miles away and hope like every year to get a glimpse of the events as they unfold, I have left it to Varadar’s thiruullam to get me there.

Generally Brahmotsavam is centered on utsavar. In perumal kovil Thaayar also plays an important role. The Friday before the start of the utsavam our Thaayar showers us with her special blessings and would let us all have a glimpse of her Thiruvadi, which is not visible on any other day. This is one more event that is quite unique to our kovil. This event is known as kadai velli and this year it took place on 2nd May.

Selvar (nithya utsavam moorthy) utsavam that took place yesterday signals the start of utsavam.

Ankurarpanam is scheduled for today (Saturday). On this day Senai mudanmaiyar would reach sanctum sanctorum and after receiving the mariyadai’s would reach Nammalwar sannidhi. The putthu man is collected from the sannidhi and that would be used in construction of the yaga salai.

Tomorrow (Sunday) is Azhwar thirunal when Senai musanmaiyar would ride on siriya punyakoti vimanam and inspect the route of our lord during the various purappadu. During the inspection, Divya prabhanda ghosti would start reciting Thirupallandu. Iraamaanusa noorandhadhi would be recited in kanchi thiruveedhi. Sevakalam is concluded with vazhi thirunamam once he returns back to kovil.

While the commander-in-chief (of our lord) is busy with his inspection, in the sanctum sanctorum raksha bhandanam would be done for Perumal (Moolavar & Utsavar), Ubhaya nachimaars, Prenaarthiharar (nithya thirumanjana perumal), Selvar, Kannan along with this years officiating Archakar.

With all the preliminary works completed, Brahmotsavam purappadu’s are all set to commence from Monday (12th May).

This year’s schedule is attached for your reference.

Andavan thiruvadiya charanam
Perundevi sametha Devathirajan thiruvadiya charanam

Kausik Sarathy


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