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Brahmotsavam – Garuda Sevai (Day 3 Morning) @ Kanchipuram Varadarajar Kovil May 13, 2014

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Namaskaram to All,

It gives adiyen immense pleasure to scribble about the most famous / attractive vahana purappadu of brahmotsavam, yes the Garuda Sevai. This would start very early tomorrow (Wednesday 14th) morning. In Perumal kovil, Namazhwar sattumurai is on 11th June followed by Narashima jayanthi on 12th June this year, generally these two events would coincide with Garuda sevai.

Garudan is addition to performing his kaimkaryam as Emperuman’s vehicle is also known as veda swaroopam. Swami Desikan had prayed to Garudan in Aushada giri in Thiruvendhipuram, who gave the Swami the moola mantharam and the deity of Lakshmi Hayagrivar.

Before our Varadar flies out from the kovil to bless us, at the main gopuram, our Lord is shielded from our views for a short while with two kodai’s. This is known as Doddayacharya sevai. To understand / enjoy this we need to go back in time.

Some 450 years back, one devotee by name Doddayacharya lived in the temple town of Sholingar and was engaged in kaimkaryam to Lord Narashima. He was very attached to Varadar of Kanchipuram. He never used to miss the Garuda sevai of Devathirajan during brahmotsavam. One year due to advanced age was not able to make the trip to kanchipuram. He was disturbed and on the day of Garuda sevai while having his bath in Thakkan kulam (local pond), early morning, he expressed his inability of not being perumal kovil and felt dejected.

At that time in kanchipuram our Perumal was about to leave the kovil. On not seeing his devotee amongst those assembled, our lord expressed his desire to leave kanchipuram to give his dharshanam in sholingar. Upon receiving this divine message, priest shielded our lord with the kodai’s. At this very moment the acharyan, in sholingar, had the vision of Varadar in Garuda sevai in all its glory.

To commemorate this event, even today, our lord is hidden from public view for a short time. Later a temple was built on the banks of thakkan kulam, which is being maintained by his descendants even today. Make a note to take their blessings the next time you visit Sholingar.

The kreedam adorned by Devathirajan during Garuda sevai is called thanga toppagaram. This thiruabarnam gets to adore our Lord only once a year. If not for anything, utleast for this we need to be there. Varadar after the ride is also attached to enhance your pleasure.

Vardar performed a miracle during one of the Garuda sevai purappadu and was witnessed by none other than Robert clive, details in another appropriate time.

During the purappadu, prabhanda ghosti would recite moonraam thiruvanthaathi.

In my next mail I would try to share the little things I know when our lord would bless us as Rama.

Andavan thiruvadiya charanam
Perundevi sametha Devathirajan thiruvadiya charanam

Kausik Sarathy

Note : The pictures attached are file photos and courtesy Sri. Kesavabashyam.


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