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Brahmotsavam – Hanumantha Vahanam (Day 3 Evening) @ Kanchipuram Varadarajar Kovil May 14, 2014

Posted by Dr.NVS in Brahminsnet Postings.

Namaskaram to All,

Tomorrow evening would be an interesting purappadu as we would get to see an unusual combination.

Hanuman being Siriya thiruvadi has been waiting for Periya thiruvadi to finish his task and would immediately grab his chance to bring Varadar to our doorsteps.

The take away from Hanuman is not just steadfast service to the Lord but Only to his Lord, Lord Rama.

At the end of Ramaavataram when Lord Rama was sending all present across River Sarayu to proceed towards Sri Vaikuntam, he also wanted Hanuman to come along. Hanuman enquired if he could be with Lord Rama in Sri Vaikuntam, Lord Rama answered in negative and told him he would have to be with Varadar in Sri Vaikuntam. Hanuman felt dejected and decided to stay back in boolokam as Lord Rama was his all in all.

The temptation of the wonderful nectar, Varadar, is so irresistible that tomorrow our Hanuman would decide to have a mouthful and is also lovingly sharing it with all of us.

During the purappadu our Perumal would adore muttu toppa haaram.

Divya prabhandam ghosti would recite Periyazvar moonraampaththu during the purappadu. The following pasuram is so apt for the purappadu.

padangaLpalavumudaippaambaraiyan padarboomiyaiththaangikkidappavanpOl
thadangaiviralaindhummalaravaiththuth thaamOdharan_thaanguthadavaraithaan
adangachchenRu_ilangaiyaiyeedazhiththa anumanpukazhpaadiththamkuttan_kaLai

kudangaikkoNdumandhikaLkaNvaLarththum gOvarththanamennumkoRRakkudaiyE.

In the next mail, would try and share some more interesting / unique facts about our ubhaya naachimar’s, whom we have next seen for some time, while describing the Sesha vahanam.

Andavan thiruvadiya charanam
Perundevi sametha Devathirajan thiruvadiya charanam

Kausik Sarathy

Note : The file photos are courtesy Sri. Kesavabashyam.


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