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Brahmotsavam – Nachiyar Thirukolam @ Kanchipuram Varadarajar Kovil May 15, 2014

Posted by Dr.NVS in Brahminsnet Postings.

Namaskaram to All,

Friday (16th May) morning would be a visual treat in Perumal kovil. Our Varadar would adore all the thiruabarhnam of our thaayar while trying toattract Thayaar rasikars to his side.

As always let’s touch upon the origin of this thirukolam. Once sage Durvasa offered the garland of Mahalakshmi to Indira, who was riding on his elephant. Indira accepted the garland and placed it in his elephant. The elephant, irritated by the smell of the garland, threw it to the ground. This action enraged the sage, who is legendary for his temper, as the garland was a prasadam from Mahavishnu’s consort.

Durvasa cursed Indra and all devas to be devoid of all strength, energy and fortune. Knowing this asuras wagged war against the devas. In the battle devas were routed by asuras and devas as always sought the help of Mahavishnu. Mahavishnu advised the devas that they should churn the milky white ocean, with the help of asuras, and from which the nectar of immortality would be obtained.

Devas and asuras started churning with mount Mandara as the dasher and snake Vasuki as the rope. As the churning continued Kautubha ratnam, Kamadhenu, Kalpavriksham, Sharangam and Lakshmi herself emerged followed by various other celestial items. Finally the nectar of immortality, amirtham, emerged and immediately devas and asuras started fighting for it. Mahavishnu took the form of a lady (Mohini), who was the most beautiful lady that the assembled gods, devas and asuras have ever seen. Mohini distributed the amirtham to devas, who vanquished the asuras.

There are small variations in this story between the puranas, but one thing that is common among all the puranas is the beauty of the lord when he took the form of Mohini.

Likewise the beauty of Varadar would get exponentially increased in this thirukolam. There could be many reasons for Varadar’s incomparable beauty in this thirukolam, but I would attribute the beauty to Varadar’s most compassionate consort, Perundevi thayar. Varadar has borrowed all the thiruabhardanam of Thayar, he has even let go his unique kadukan (ear ring) and adored Thayar’s ear ring. Varadar, to complete his looks, even swap both his weapons (Shunkam & Chakram) for a pair of lotus, that too similar to the ones held by Perundevi thayar.

We all (some of us) might have committed many sins, so much so we get a place in hiranyakashipu’s ghosti. The comforting factor in this thirukolam is we would not be punished as Perumal doesn’t have his discus and also all the thiruabharnams of Thaayar would make him as compassionate as our jagan matha (Perundevi Thaayar). This is the reason adiyen feel very safe in this thirukolam.

I would request if anyone can capture the picture of our lord holding the kamalam, instead of shunkam & chakram.

During the purappadu, the ghosti would recite Thirupallandu, Thiruppavai in addition to Periya thiruvanthathi & thiruviruththam.

In the next mail, we would touch up on the vahanam that exist only in our imagination.

Andavan thiruvadiya charanam
Perundevi sametha Devathirajan thiruvadiya charanam

Kausik Sarathy

Note : The pictures attached are file photos and courtesy Sri. Kesavabashyam.



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