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Brahmotsavam – Kudirai Vahanam @ Kanchipuram Varadarajar Kovil May 20, 2014

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Namaskaram to All,

On Monday (19th May) evening our Perarulalan came galloping on Kudirai vahanam to bless us.

Perarulalan was dressed as a warrior. His beauty in general and his graceful eyes would remove all the evil thoughts from our minds.

Devathirajan adored a white thallapa, this is different to the sikkuthadai that he wore during thirurher.

After Varadar came to vahana mantapam to mount on his horse, Kaliyan came silently and was waiting for the king to ride.

Couple of things that mesmerized me was the way imayoor thalaivar was holding the stirrup of the horse and the wonderful joothi.

Today also there was yessal. Our kalian followed Varadar and was waiting for a chance to rob our Varadar of his belongings. On the way back, in front of Thirukachi nambi sannidhi Thirumangai azhwar finally caught up with Varadar and the famous Vedu pari utsavam was enacted. Signifying the mantraupdasam kalian did three pradhakshanam after which he received parivattam mariyadhai and maalai.

Varadar’s purappadu during Brahmotsavam, are not confined to maada veedhis, as in other divya desams, but would cover most part of kanchipuram, may be indicate that he is the lord of the entire kshethram. Varadar in almost all his vahanams would go up to Gangai kondan mandapam, where thiru aradhanam is performed, before heading back to kovil.

Ghosti is an integral part of any purappadu. The ghosti in kanchipuram is very famous, both for quantity and quality. Every member of the ghosti is a stalwart by themself and would all assemble to enjoy the beauty of our Lord. The Divya prabhandam reciters (Iyal ghosti) would proceed before our Devathirajan. They would move forward slowly reciting the Divya prabhandam in their charismatic mellifluous tones. Immediately behind Devathirajan would come the veda reciters called the Vedaparayana ghosti, who would recite the vedas in the traditional orthodox style. Every purappadu would last for at least 4~5 hours and all of them are not paid for the service, the only reason for their dedication is that this service would please our Devathirajan. The Vedaparayana ghosti would recite and walk along with Devathirajan with all dedication and would follow our rajan all the way.

In my next mail I shall cover all the events of action packed ninth day morning.

Andavan thiruvadiya charanam
Perundevi sametha Devathirajan thiruvadiya charanam

Kausik Sarathy


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