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Lot of questions about Vratams , TarpaNams , SrAddhams and Vaidhika Kaaryams July 19, 2014

Posted by Dr.NVS in Brahminsnet Postings.


Dear All :

I get a​​
lot of questions about Vratams , TarpaNams , SrAddhams and Vaidhika Kaaryams . Being not a trained Bruhaspati , I can not answer your queries accurately .

We have with us however an extremely competent and practicing Bruhaspati , Sriman NVS Swamy at Chennai , the Founder/owner of both the Vaideekam Group and Brahminsnet , who can addresses the information needs of all AastikAs regarding Vaideeka Kaaryams .He has all the Multimedia equipment to assist in Vaidhika Kaaryams thru Skype and similar telecommunication/Multimedia services .

Please enroll in the Vaideekam Yahoo groups and Brahmins net by writing to Sriman NVS Swamy , the source of many treasures on daily observances and Vaidhika KarmAs . He is so generous with his time . Your support will help him a great deal . Please support him and his work of value to you and send appropriate sambhAvanAs .

As a general observation , All of us involved in Kaimakryams like this are struggling to cope with increasing needs and requests for information on questions relating to our sampradhAyam . While we do not mind spending huge chunks of personal time to create these sites and answer questions after consulting with our AchAryAs, we are loosing the battle to cover all expenses . Maintaining these web sites , providing fresh content, creating Print ready books and accepting new Kaimkaryams are boggling us all down . Fortunately few dedicated volunteers are sharing the kaimkaryam load . Ultimately , we might have to close these sites for lack of support and create a annual Membership based access to content to cover the ever increasing expenses . For the past 20 years , adiyEn has presented the content as Vidhyaa Daanam; I am happy to know that the content is being actively used . There are 350 Plus ebooks at the many web sites included in the http://www.sadagopan.org portal for your active use thru downloading . There are 30,000 pages of content relating to PoorvAchArya Sri Sooktis ,Veda Bhaagams , Ahnikams , divya Prabhandhams , divya desams and many more . Individual stotrams with meanings and extended commentaries and digital images form these sites have been down loaded tens of thousands of time . For instance , SrI Stuti book and Mantra Pushpam alone have been downloaded more than 5,000 times .

Please contact adiyEn and support the Kaimkaryams to continue without interruption . Please provide samarpaNams yathaa sakti to continue with the kaimakryams and grow further the sampradhAyam . adiyEn will be happy to suggest ways in which you can support us . $50 to $100 annual membership by interested AstikAs addressed to adiyEn here and Yathaa sakti samarpaNams in Rupees in India to Sriman NVS Swamy would help a great deal . adiyEn hopes to enroll
a minimum of 100-200 members in support of Sadagopan.org portal access program . This will be an one time appeal on my part for the 2014-2015 Membership year . Please contact adiyEn thru email , if you wish to become a supporting Member this year .

NamO SrI NrusimhAya,



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