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I am reproducing below the health benefits of coconut water.
A lot of benefits are there.

Normally Oats is condumed with milk or buttermilk and many may find it bland and tasteless. I will give a way of taking oats that will be good for health as well as your palate.
You can try it and will definitely like it.


drink coconut water in summersWhat’s the most common sight on every beach in India, other than the water and people in it? It’s the coconut vendor! And it’s not just the beaches that find the coconut vendor peddling his wares, he can be even be found on the corner of the road, in the middle of the market, on the side of roads, outside parks, outside schools, colleges and hospitals…the list is endless. The man is everywhere! But it’s not him that we are interested in, we are interested the coconut’s that he sells, precisely the coconut water!

We Indians have been drinking coconut water as a refresher since time immemorial. But did you know that other than serving as a refresher during summers and when you are thirsty, coconut water offers many other health benefits. Following is a list of some of the health benefits offered by coconut water:

Hydrates the body: Coconut water’s electrolytic balance is the same as our blood as it is a isotonic beverage. This makes it an excellent choice when it comes to replenishing our bodies of the water and the electrolytes that are lost in sweating and urinating.

What more, coconut water contains very less natural sugars – 5 mg per 100 ml, and no cholesterol along with very few calories making it the ideal choice for an ‘after-workout’ drink.

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drinking coconut water helps reduce hypertension and normalises BP Hypertension: Individuals suffering from Hypertension or high BP are found to be lacking potassium in their diets, according to the journal of clinical hypertension. Coconut water contains a high level of potassium – 294 mg per 100 ml and drinking coconut water regularly can help regulate the blood pressure levels in these individuals.

Helps in Weight Loss: Coconut water is suggested for those who are trying to lose weight as it helps the body to maintain an optimal metabolism rate, it also contains only 0.5 gms of fat per 240 gms making it an ideal choice of drink for those who are seeking to lose those pounds.

It is also recommended for those who have gained weight due to thyroid problems. As coconut water promotes a good thyroid function and helps in normalizing the thyroid function of the body.

coconut water helps break down kidney stoneHelps those suffering from Kidney Stones: Most doctor’s advice their patients suffering from Kidney stones to drink coconut water daily as coconut water helps to breakdown the bigger kidney stone into smaller ones, which can pass through the urine of the patient.

Helps clear Intestinal Worms: Mixing a teaspoon of Olive oil with Coconut water works as a potent remedy for getting rid of Intestinal worms, as coconut water contains an anti-bacterial Monolaurin which helps in fighting the intestinal worm. To get optimum benefit from this mixture, it should be had for three days.

Anti- bacterial: Coconut water contains many anti-bacterial contents, mainly Monolaurin, an anti bacterial and anti viral body that helps kill lipid coated viruses of many dangerous diseases such as HIV, Herpes, flu and many other pathogenic bacteria. People suffering from Jaundice, Fever, Flu, Malaria, typhoid and other such diseases are recommended to drink coconut water at least twice a day to maintain their body’s electrolyte balance and also because of its anti-bacterial properties.

drinking coconut water gives you good skin and helps diabeticsCytokinins: Coconut water is one of the richest natural sources of Cytokinins. Research has found that a diet rich in Cytokinins can have an anti-ageing effect on our body and can help delay the onset of degenerative diseases and age related diseases too! Topical application of the white skin of coconut is known to provide nutritious benefits to our skin preventing it from sagging and losing its elasticity, it also helps in cellular regeneration.

Helps Diabetics: Coconut Water is recommended for diabetics as it contains a very low amount of natural sugars and also because it improves blood circulation which is found to be lacking in diabetics. Coconut water is also known to contain certain amino acids and dietary fibers which help to improve insulin sensitivity thereby greatly benefitting diabetics.

Helps protect against heart diseases: Coconut water contains potassium and Magnesium amongst other minerals that helps reduce high blood pressure which is a major reason for heart attacks! Drinking coconut water also helps to prevent plaque formation in the arteries, a condition known as atherosclerosis which can cause many heart diseases. It also improves blood circulation that reduces the chances of you suffering from stroke.

Coconut water consumption provides us with many health benefits other than those mentioned above. So the next time you feel thirsty, look out for a coconut vendor rather than those soft drink stands!*



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