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*Everyone loves a dessert,a sweet or an ice cream to round off a sumptuous lunch/dinner. But do we know the calories in our desserts? Especially so for diabetics and weight watchers.
Here is a small list of desserts and the calories they contain.
Note and judiciously help yourselves.

Almost everyone enjoys a little sweet treat after a meal whether it is a freshly baked cheesecake, some hot jalebis or a scoop of ice cream. But these foods are rich in calories and can lead to weight gain and increase the risk of diabetes. Therefore, you need to be cautious of what and how often you gorge on sweets.
Harmful ingredients in desserts

A slice of chocolate might be tempting, but the desserts you eat can be detrimental to your health. Sweet treats are high in trans fat and saturated fat and can raise your cholesterol levels. Indian sweets and desserts made from refined ingredients like sugar, maida or white flour and soda can harm the body.
According to dietician Neha Chandna, these ingredients lead to hormonal imbalances, disrupt blood sugar levels, increase triglycerides and maximise the chances of heart diseases, water retention and skin problems. Also, since the amount of sugar in desserts is extremely high, it can lead to the addition of excess calories in your body that gets converted to fat easily adding to your fat percentage.
Here is a calorie count of common desserts tracked by using HealthifyMe calorie counter:
Gulab jamun: 2 pieces = 340.1 cal
Jalebi: 1 piece = 88.8 cal
Chocolate cake: 1 piece = 184.1 cal
Vanilla ice cream: 2 scoops = 206.7 cal
Kesar pista kulfi: 1 katori = 126.6 cal
Gajar ka halwa: 1 katori = 237.4 cal
Kheer: 1 katori = 306.3 cal
Cheesecake: 1 piece = 256.8 cal
Rasmalai: 1 piece = 45.5 cal
Healthy dessert options
Even though desserts are calorie-rich, you can still have them by making a few healthy changes. The best you can do is to choose healthy ingredients while making desserts like smoothies, shakes and ice cream. Neha suggests desserts made out of dates, fruits, or jaggery in moderate amounts as they are comparatively low in calories.
Low-fat cakes made of whole wheat, honey and jagerry can be healthy. Also, peanut laddoos and nuts chikki are nutritious dessert options. But anything in excess can go against your health, so it’s best to consume desserts occasionally to not be a victim of its harmful effects.*



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