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*Dear friends,
Water is called the Elixir of Life. Everyone advices that wwe should consume plenty of water and keep ourselves well hydrated for good health.
Let us see how much water we should take and why?
Read on,

*How much water should you drink in a day?*


​Water is vital for the proper functioning of every cell and organ of the body. Drinking sufficient water will keep the brain cells properly hydrated and help them perform better. But as you constantly lose water through respiration, perspiration and excretion you regularly need to replenish what you lose. Failing to drink enough water can lead to dehydration and even formation of kidney stones. However, the exact amount of water you need depends on a number of factors including your lifestyle, your health and the climate in which you live.
Water intake for an average adult

Well known dietician Neha Chandna says, ‘An average person needs up to 35 ml water per kg body weight.’ You tend to lose 3 glasses of water a day through urination and the other 2 through breathing and sweating. You, therefore, need at least 8 glasses of water a day to replenish what you have lost. The Institute of Medicine recommends a higher water intake— 9 glasses a day for women and 11 for men. Here are 7 tips to boost your water intake.
Water intake when you are involved in a physical activity
When you engage yourself in any physical activity you tend to sweat a lot. You, therefore, need to consume extra amount of water to compensate for the fluid loss. Most people believe that sports drinks are the best alternative to nourish body salts and electrolytes. But water can be the most hydrating drink as it contains less carbohydrate and less sugar content and abundant electrolytes. According to Neha, if you are into any activity or sports then you at least need 50-60ml water per kg body weight. Extra 2-3 glasses of water should suffice when you are doing simpler exercises. But for high-intensity exercises that last longer an hour, you need to add at least 4-5 glasses of water more to your diet. Also, read how energy drinks can lead to nervousness and anxiety.
Water intake when suffering from diseases
In fever and vomiting, one should try to drink as much as water or liquids like juices and coconut water to make up for their water loss. Our expert says, ‘In case of diarrhoea, depending on the tolerance, you need to drink at least 1-2 litres of water a day to help regain hydration and salts.’
Water intake when on a weight loss plan
The biggest perk of drinking water is that you can drink as much as you want without adding any calories to your diet. Water can actually curb your appetite and further aid in your weight loss efforts. You are also likely to consume fewer calories when you drink water half an hour before your meal. According to Neha, if you are on a weight loss goal you should drink 12-13 glasses of water per day. Drinking water also helps eliminate toxins from the body and speed up the metabolism process which in turn can help you to lose weight. Did you know that drinking warm water with lemon and honey can help you lose weight?
Water requirement based on climate
A hot and humid climate can make you sweat which can lead to fluid loss. Higher altitudes may trigger frequent urination and rapid breathing and use up more of your fluid reserves. Neha suggests, depending on the atmosphere and exposure to the sun, one needs to consume 4-6 glasses extra than the required amount of water.
Water intake for pregnant women and lactating mothers
Women, who are pregnant or are breastfeeding, need additional amount of water to stay hydrated to ensure proper health and well-being. When pregnant or breastfeeding, a woman’s water requirements are higher than usual as water is needed to form amniotic fluid that surrounds the baby, support the increase in blood plasma volume and produce breast milk. Neha recommends that pregnant women should have 300-500 ml additional water a day, that is, 2-3 litres; and lactating mothers need to consume an additional 700-800 ml, that is, 3 litres of water a day.*


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