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Azagiyamanavalanin Seventh Day Utthsavam (Thiruppalli-Odam-Thirunaal. Theppa-utthsavan) March 11, 2014

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Dear Members


My Saashtaanga Namaskrams to our Namperumal and Sri Ranganachiyar.

On the 7th day of the Theppotsavam, our Azhagiya Manavalan goes to Thiru Kottaram or granary, where the grains are stored. As a customary practice, He inspects and verifies the produce kept there similar to an earthly king taking stock of his grains. Not long ago, Srirangam was known for its lush paddy fields in which lotus bloomed! Periyalwar describes Srirangam as

Uram petra malar kamalam

Ulaganlandha sevadi pol uyarndhu kaatta

Varamputra kathirchennel

Thaal seyndhu thalai vanakkum than arangame..

The lotus growing in the paddy fields stand as tall as the foot of Vamana that measured the three worlds in Vamana Avataram. The fertile paddy, weighed down by the grains, bends down as if to salute Him. With such bountiful and prosperous produce, it was no wonder that Arangathu Amudan himself had to inspect the granary and keep it in order.

After the visit to the Thirukottaram, He goes around the Utthirai streets. As He strolls through the streets, one cant but notice the unmatched beauty of His angas; His broad chest, body that glitters like emeralds, broad shoulders, eyes akin to a lotus, lips like corals and a beautiful crown.

Paayum neer arangan thannul

Paambanai palli kondu

Mayanar thiru nal marbum,

Maragadha uruvum tholum

thooya thamarai kangalum

Thoovar ithazh pavala vaayum

Aaya seer mudiyum dhesum

Adiyaror gagalame

On seeing Azhagiya Manavalan’s beauty, Nachiyar exclaims thus:-

Ezhil udaya ammanaimeer,

Yen aranganthinamudhar,

Kuzhal ayagar vaazh azhagar

Kan Azhagar

koppoozhil ezhu kamala poovazhagar

Yen Maanaar

Yennudiya kazhal valazhathamum

Kazhal valaye aakineerey!

As we relish the blissful beauty of His Thirumudi (Crown), we suddenly notice His bright face and our eyes are lost in the beautiful smile on His lips.

Aamnaaya gandhi rudith spurithaadharoshtam

Aasraavilekshana manukshana Mandhahasam

Then, our gaze moves upwards to the decorative Kasturi Thilakam on His forehead. Even the Peethambaram that He wears adds so much beauty to His form and enamors us; it looks so delicate and soft on Him with its glorious texture and colour. We are suddenly distracted by the sound of melodious jingles. It is the sound of his Thanga Golusu (Golden Anklet). It adds a mesmerizing touch to his stride as He walks swiftly, yet gracefully, conversing with Sridevi and Bhoodevi Thaayar with happiness shining on His face!! All that I can say is that a life time is not enough to describe the beauty of Azhagiya Manavalan. One has to be there to experience Him. Even then you never get satisfied with His darshan, as the thirst for Him remains quenched for only so long as you are in front of Him!!! He makes you want to run back to Him all the time!

I request the readers of this mail to view the attached picture of our Azhagiya Manavalan. May He bless us with strength, courage and everlasting success.

Vachka dhosham kshathvyaha!

Seeking the Lotus Feet of Ranganatha




Narasimha Bhattar


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